Cataloguing of Film Clips_Rizal’s Flowers of Heidelberg

September 4, 2011

When I turned chroma

The cataloguing of film clips for Rizal’s Flowers of Heidelberg interpreted by Romalito Mallari was done yesterday. Seemed quite a lot! But if you take a look at my notes for Asiong Salonga, you’d be overwhelmed by the amount of cards exposed for that film. Something impossible during the days of real celluloid! Anyhow, editing needs patience. And I have a lot of patience. ‘Wag lang mapuno!!! Even in dealing with people, yung mga pasaway, I can usually stand them. But when I get finally impatient, then that would spoil relationships even. Lahat may katapusan they say. May saturation point.

In interpreting the poem despite the many takes that I did, I noticed how consistent Rome was. Kudos Rome! It was my first chroma work. Had to buy the chroma cloth because renting it costs more. I got it for P3K. Mahal pa rin ano? But if you need it, I can rent it to whoever needs it for P1K only!!!! Ha!Ha! Because just try renting it from studio renting houses — the lowest is P3K + additional fee to caretakers at P1K – P1500K each. Mathematically, it will be between P5K to P6,500, correct?

Rem Vocalan and Dennis Balan did the camerawork using Canon 5D and 7D respectively. This is also my first project to use cards — but still in SD format because I have no Mac to use. However, this particular segment was shot in HD format as per advice by Yuka since he said it can be resized accordingly. I have to undergo the process of converting the files into avi  for me to be able to edit them.

My next move is to finish Asiong Salonga because I have to really go full time with this work to meet my target of finishing at least the Filipino Sign Language version in time for the celebration of Deaf Awareness Week in November. It is also because I have to go to Tacloban and Ormoc cities mid-September because of Alyana showings there as part of the autism awareness campaign of Autism Society Philippines.

Working not for oneself but for the interest of others, not for money but for the higher end of advocating for a cause that benefits the marginalized is indeed the fire that propels me to do whatever I do, and how little my contribution maybe to them whom I believe needs exposure to be understood and be welcomed by the society. It is hypocritical to say that I do not need money — I need it to be able to survive, but money is not my end goal. Money for me, is my means to be able to make more films for them. The reason why I take time because I make non-commercial films. And they do not sell. Nevertheless, I know that one day, many more will realize the importance of socially relevant films that cater to the few because of un-understanding society.


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  1. now i am a fan! you have a good heart 🙂

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