Moving Pictures are Thousands More Worth than Any Visual Form

August 27, 2011

I am working on collecting to send to the poem readers the English and Filipino versions of Rizal’s ULTIMO ADIOS, A LAS FLORES DE HEIDELBERG, A LA JUVENTUD FILIPINA, CANTO DE MARIA CLARA, and most probably, A FILIPINAS. In English, I shall be using either Nick Joaquin’s translations, or that of Encarnacion Alzona; the translation in Filipino of Virgilio S. Almario, and Andres Bonifacio’s translation of Ultimo Adios. But of course, I find most interesting, the translation in Filipino Sign Language of the above poems. A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. And I say, that moving pictures are thousands more worth than any visual form. Preserving the poems of Rizal in sign language will I believe be most effective in relaying to the viewers the feelings of Dr. Jose Rizal. Captions will be there anyway to help the audience understand more what they are communicating doubling I am sure their understanding of whatever Rizal was imparting when he wrote them.

Captions or subtitles are important for viewers who doesn’t use the language being used in a film. And they are most important and valueable to the Deaf. In both cases, it is two-way. Deaf watching a film without captions will be lost throughout. Outright, they are excluded from the target audience of the film. A hearing person watching a Deaf film without caption will in the same way be in the same position — the difference being the possibility of understanding by reading with their eyes the visual and gestural expressions by the Deaf.

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