Shooting Today with Romalito and the Spanish Lady_To the Flowers of Heidelberg

August 26, 2011

Rome wears the costume designed by Rex Flores; Tettet Menese, a niece stitched the costume for us

Shooting of the Filipino Sign Language and Spanish versions of A LAS FLORES DE HEIDELBERG today! Romalito Mallari interprets the poem in FSL, and Ms. Beatriz Alvarez-Tardio shall read the poem in Spanish language. I proposed that the lady join us because she has to leave for Spain soon. Haven’t seen nor spoken with her. But I trust the judgment of Mr Fons, Cultural Attache of Instituto Cervantes that he will refer us to the right person. Above all, I have always believed that I am guided when it comes to my personal advocacy work. Yes! God leads me to best person. And really provides for my needs when lacking! I just have to work really hard to achieve what God wants me to do. I can’t just sit and wait for manna from Heaven. We have to work for it.

I am excited to do the chroma work project. My first time!


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