The Sign Language Interpreter’s Meet

August 22, 2011

I am not a sign language interpreter, and will never be one, but last Saturday, August 20 at CSDB_SDA, I dropped by to observe, and eventually join the PHILIPPINE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF SIGN LANGUAGE INTERPRETERS [PINASLI], an organization of sign language interpreters in the Philippines. Their major aim is to gather all the sign language interpreters, irrespective of the form that they are using — Filipino Sign Language, American Sign Language, Signing Exact English…it is purely accessibility that they are aiming at, and I think that is wonderful! Issues regarding the sign language form that Filipinos must use should hopefully and amicably become settled issues. But of course, I will still continue to advocate for the recognition of the Filipino Sign Language. For that, I am with SDEAS and the Philippine Federation of the Deaf. It has remained a dream for me to communicate with the Deaf better but I think my receptive skill is really poor. But that’s it, I attended because I have many Deaf friends now and I am working with them on films that are meant for them. Besides, when I go around to show my film Silent Odyssey, the usual response, especially of hearing regular teachers is that they formally want to learn FSL. Where to refer them has always been my problem. If sign language interpreters can easily be referred to in every municipality, then it should help willing teachers to learn how to sign. I remember an elementary teacher from Libmanan, Camarines and she was wary and worried when she told me, that she does not really know or cannot tell whether a Deaf child mainstreamed in her class really learns from her. That is the reason why they want to learn sign language formally because they have hearts for those children. That is the reason why I have asked if there is a directory of sign language interpreters in the Philippines.

I think they should really add in their application form those who are not sign language interpreters but are interested in knowing what they are doing. Like me. He!He! Finally, I met Joy Cristal [at the CR of all places during noon break]…I always hear her name but the face of the other Joy superimposes on the image when they refer to her. Sorry po!


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