Shooting of Rizal’s Flowers of Heidelberg with the Deaf Set

August 11, 2011

Yesterday, our production meeting pushed through despite the absence of Rem Vocalan [hearing cameraman] who hopefully has now recovered from flu, and Rex Flores [production designer]. Romalito Mallari, our fair-skinned Rizal, Deaf “comrades” Dennis Balan [cameraman], Myra Medrana [choreographer] and Raphy Domingo [FSL interpreter] were present with Febe Sevilla, our interpreter. Giselle Montero, busy as always could not join us. She helped us in facilitating our logistic needs at CSB.

Rome was concerned about the fact that he has no resemblance at all with Rizal, including the color of his skin. He, in fact looks excellent in the role of a Spanish officer or a fraile. Anyhow, as what I had told the deliberation committee when we were choosing the performers-to-be  — the color of the skin, nor the looks [Rizal-look alike] doesn’t matter. For me, what is important is how well he signs, and how effective his Filipino Sign Language communication ability is, and that includes his facial, visual and gestural expressions. The impact of what he is trying to tell his audience is most important because his performance will far outweigh the fact that yes! he doesn’t look like Rizal. So what? It is showing the beauty of FSL that we are trying to come up with, and really how easily it can communicate the thoughts and feelings of Rizal to the Deaf community. Long live FSL!

Shooting date was decided to be held on August 26.

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