Hitting the Target_Asiong Salonga Edit

August 1, 2011

Yesterday, I met my target of making a rough edit — some, actually already finalized — of Kingpin [a film based on the story of Asiong Salonga]. I now have over 50 edited sequences, including the first three sequences. Except for Seq. 15, we have straight film flow up to Seq. 20.There are about only seven sequences left for me to edit today in time for the first viewing tomorrow. Some three days of shooting are still left this week. I hope to finish the editing by next week.

I myself is gearing for my own shoot this August – on the continuation of translating Rizal’s poems in sign language. Unlike Kingkpin, it is a very small film yes! But like Asiong, it is meant for a universal audience. Maybe more because it targets not only the Deaf, but the Filipino, English, even  Spanish-speaking and hearing audience.

Re Kingpin, I was very happy to edit the first three problematic sequences—problematic because some footage were sound-less when given to me [thanks to Yuka for finding the sound and marrying them for me] — i had to do a ‘surgery’ on the second sequence because of dire materials brought about by not-so-good shot materials during the first day of shooting, solved by intercutting with the introductory shots of Asiong members, and reshuffling of sequences. The opening turned out to be better than what they have imagined. I proposed the reshuffling to Tikoy…when I saw the shots of Viray [Roi Vinzon]beating Asiong [not in the original script, so I funnily marked it as Seq. zero]. The sequence reminded me of the opening of Bagong Bayani because of the powerful shots and very good acting of Roi. [He peeped in the editing room by the way to ask about the scene…at that time I did not know who he was and I haven’t seen the footage, so I did not know what he was talking about. He!He!]. Anyway, as opening scenes, they are quite important!!!

It was mission accomplished…

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