Kingpin Edit Target for the Week

July 28, 2011

Target for the week: To finish minimum of 50 assembled, and first cut sequences of Kingpin Asiong…dere-derecho, which unfortunately is not possible because some of the sequences have not yet been shot [Typhoon Juaning caused the latest cancellation of the shooting sked]. Hopefully, all footage for the first 25 sequences are available. I will concentrate on them. I haven’t viewed all the rushes because most of the time the disks aren’t all with me. Besides, they are voluminous…over 150 cards are there by now. I work on what is only available so as not to lose time. What I normally do is to view what I have, and edit at once. No need for chronological editing of sequences. I want to finish this work asap so I can concentrate on Project Rizal. Time is of the essence.

Anyway, by the time NCCA’s second tranche is ready, my work on Asiong Salonga should be over. Rizal’s Flowers of Heidelberg with Romalito Mallari as Deaf interpreter follows.

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