Advantage of Being Deaf

July 23, 2011

Yesterday, in Mandaluyong City’s celebration of NDPR Week, I witnessed how being Deaf can be most advantageous…

In my first-ever showing of a film in an open ground [not enclosed hall, auditorium or theater] with lights filtering from all sides of the place improvised to accommodate people, it was most unfortunate that the schedule of the showing was done along with medical check-ups simultaneously on going… it was a beehive of activity when it was announced that the film would be shown. I asked the organizer to reposition the screen in such a way that light would not directly fall on it. With slanted screen, those who were interested to watch positioned themselves to get a good view.

What Dennis Balan did was to gather all the Deaf in the audience and asked them to focus on what was to be shown. Being part of the production team, he knows the film, so he gave an introduction directed to the Deaf audience.

That’s when I saw the advantage of being Deaf. Despite the noise [market-noise type], I saw how concentrated were the Deaf, mostly students, in the audience. Afterall, they know who Rizal is, and according to Wena, PWD Focal person, the students really did appreciate and understand better Dr. Jose Rizal’s ULTIMO ADIOS after watching the film.

Sayang lang.. dahil sa gulo di nakita nang maayos ng dapat makaalam ang BP344 o Philippine Accessibility Law na nakapaloob sa A BLIND ARCHITECT which I also showed when I saw that there were physically disabled persons in the audience.

When I was invited last month to show Ultimo Adios, I acceded immediately to the request because of Dennis, forgetting to ask how the venue looks like, which is my SOP. I was told that they had to move to that place for some reason. Anyhow, if ever there will be a next time in Manda, I will make sure that showing in an open space will not happen again.

I would like to congratulate Wena and her group nevertheless because the event was well attended, and the people were enthusiastic, unlike before when non-abled persons attended more than the PWDs.


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