Heavy Film Editing Work Ahead of Me

July 17, 2011

Tomorrow, Monday, my editing of KINGPIN [originally Asiong Salonga] will be in full blast. I started with the edit last week but I had irregular work schedules. From Monday onwards, I expect a DELUGE of more footages from Pagsanjan. Tikoy should be finished with his shoot this week. I need to edit as many sequences as possible so that I may know what shots are missing, if there are any. But that’s it. Before I edit, I need to watch ALL shots which takes, at times, hours. Ten to twelve hrs. of work per day should be my normal sked–10 to 10 I can imagine. At times, requiring overnight work. It is because I want to finish the editing soonest so I can concentrate with Project Rizal. I have to shoot one in August. The rest asap. There are four more poems to go. And three other languages to follow.

But at least I am happy that NCCA has finally decided to let us finish our contract with them following the original MOA that I signed with them. The new policy they wanted us to follow will not apply to us anymore. Because there is clearly a violation, if they force us to.


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