Losing a BIG Opportunity

July 16, 2011

I know I have lost a great opportunity to work with the Asia Pacific Development Center on Disability group when I had to turn down an offer by Mr. Ryuhei Sano to work on an important project with them. But I had to. I do not want to take more than I can chew. I have Project Rizal at hand. And by the time they are scheduled to be in full swing in September, it will be at the same stage or in the same momentum. I know myself, and my capabilities. I want to spend full attention on any work that I take. I would rather lose a big opportunity such as the one offered to me but I do not want to lose my credibility by having an unsatisfactory work caused by not being able to give full focus and attention to the work given to me …besides, it would be very stressful to do overlapping jobs. To meet deadlines, double deadlines. I may be getting good compensation for it, but if I will be putting myself in a stressful situation, then I would rather not risk my health. The hospital will gain eventually… Above everything, I do not want half baked projects. I have to give my all.


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