What Slows Me Down

July 11, 2011

Colds and cough hinder my work…it slows my movement a lot. I have started editing Asiong Salonga, and at the same time preparing the storyboard in my head for the shots of Flowers of Heidelberg to be interpreted by Romalito Mallari. Runny nose keeps my eyes moist.

Bottomline is the importance of good health…i have not been sleeping well because seeing the footages makes my head spin. They run, or are being edited in my mind even while i am supposedly at rest. Having video footages shot with two cameras lengthens the editing period. Viewing alone and cataloging them takes real time, editing takes longer time but the final output or reel time lasts just a few minutes. That’s editing…quite challenging especially when continuity problem is there. One big problem is I am using a laptop and the screen is quite small, smaller than the traditional Acmade machine. It strains my eyes even more.


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