Rizal Films in Filipino Sign Language

July 7, 2011

Print Screen of the Online Article since I wasn't able to get hold of the actual newspaper

I received an email from ms. jenny o, a columnist from manila standard yesterday informing me that she has featured me in her column. The date that registered in my head was July 13, for indeed that is what she had written to me. I was pretty busy today because of my work—on asiong salonga edit, in preparation for the shoot of Flowers of Heidelberg, and in trying to think of ways on how to solve my problem with budget for my Project Rizal due to NCCA’S policy change on reimbursement modes of payment. And since the date July 13 got stuck in my head, I did not go out to check whether the column did appear or not. For some reason, I thought of checking ms. jenny’s column online…and there it was under the opinion section the article, Rizal’s Films in FSL.

[To read, please click the following link – Rizal\’s Films in Filipino Sign Language

I just want to make clear that I am working on the interpretation / translation of the poems of Dr. JOSE RIZAL in FSL.


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