editing asiong salonga 2011

July 6, 2011

i have started editing asiong salonga in pagsanjan last monday july 4. the footages are promising. we are going to have a real good, action film. i edited the sequence of the ‘duel’ between asiong and boy zapanta, played by gov. er and ronnie lazaro respectively. it was an interesting segment to edit. it turned out to be my ‘guinea pig’ in the use of final cut pro. i am used to pinnacle editing software. nevertheless, since it uses the adobe premiere icons, i just have to recall and again be familiar with it. we were using at the up film center the adobe premiere — during those times when we had to wait long for the movie to render. those were good times i still cherish anyway.

this is our first time to really work on an action film. i met mr. seng a thai fight director, and saw him in action. tikoy introduced him to me when i attended the shooting of the calesa chase in pila. he told me that they were here for the film for the past three weeks and were scheduled to fly back to thailand yesterday, july 5.

we also went back to manila as the shooting will resume on sunday… editing asiong salonga will be my pre occupation in between showing of my docu on autism, alyana and preparations for my shoot of ‘flowers of heidelberg’ in filipino sign language featuring romalito mallari as rizal.


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