Gearing Up to Face Asiong Salonga

June 30, 2011

While waiting for the final word from the PWD Affairs Office of Mandaluyong with regards  their intention to show Ultimo Adiós featuring Aldrin Gabriel on July 22, I am gearing up to ‘face’ Asiong Salonga, through thousands of film footages that Tikoy have shot in Pagsanjan. The film stars Laguna Governor Jeorge Estregan Jr., supported by Baron Geisler, Ping Medina, Ketchup, Amay Bisaya, Dennis Padilla, etc. The last time I went to Pagsanjan set, I also met Ronnie Lazaro who plays an important role in the film.

I have programmed my schedule and my mind to focus on it this July 2011, especially while the problem brought by COA with regards the grants NCCA are giving to artists as support broils. Was my understanding yesterday correct — that we are to spend from our pockets first, and that they would just later reimburse them to us? I submitted to NCCA yesterday my liquidation reports for my first tranche to clear my obligations, a prerequisite to get the second tranche meant for the project. Arlene Flores, the one assigned to my project told me about it — which for them at NCCA was sort of an explosive news.

For where the hell would we get the budget? In the first place, the reason why we, artists run to them for help, is precisely because we do not have enough means to do so. For if we have our own budget, why should we to go to them for aid? Isn’t that an unthinkable mess?  Why make life more difficult for us…i wonder.

Anyway, still at NCCA, I was happy to know about the setting up of Sentro Rizal [Rizal Center], a room meant for Rizaliana. Our film – Ultimo Adiós — is now part of the permanent collection, a project of NCCA International Affairs Division. I think the room opened only this week??? [that i must check]…

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