Ready to Show Ultimo!!!

June 20, 2011

Completed my list for tomorrow’s Project Rizal launching activity: two DVD copies of ULTIMO ADIOS-FSL Version, A BLIND ARCHITECT and SILENT ODYSSEY Trailer. The last two are meant to projected while waiting for the start of the show. A Blind Architect film has version in Filipino Sign Language. In connection with the film that we are to launch SESSION WITH VIM-Part I is something I would like the audience to see for them to know part of the actual process we did before we finally came up with the final film.

Session with Vim 1 - Explaining Dr. Jose Rizal's last poem, MI ULTIMO ADIOS / My Last Farewell

Vim is writer-poet and a UP prof. He was the former director of LIKHAAN: Institute of Creative Writing Center. Showing the session with him is also meant to give Deaf students some background about the poem itself, for them to understand Rizal better — his love for country above all.

I also prepared a copy of the poster and flylet design for future use re possible sale of DVD to help raise the additional funds needed to complete the film.


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