Back from Pagsanjan

May 28, 2011

Returned from Pagsanjan, Laguna last night. Rather frustrated because I wasn’t able to see the earlier footages shot by Tikoy which I am bound to edit — a remake of Asiong Salonga, interestingly, in black and white. First time it happened to us — not being able to see the rushes after the shooting — I could have edited already the shot materials while they were shooting. Felt like I wasted some of my time…

But not really — when I think that at least Rey Ventura was there to write the additional sequences and dialogues missing in the script of Roy Iglesias. I work with Rey as a “reactor.” He writes and passes them on to me — then I read and “react— we brainstorm, then later discusses with Tikoy. Of course, there were earlier discussions before that. Final script sequence will be storyboarded — by me — my extra work. So, even before I see the actual footages shot, I already know more or less, or is familiar with the sequence[s]. Whether the storyboard is faithfully followed or not is unimportant. It is merely a guide anyway. But having imagined the scene beforehand quite helps a lot more when I edit. So, Tikoy and I work by pre-editing the scenes. That saves a lot of time and effort. And with cooperative and open-minded writer the work flow becomes smoother and faster. Right now, I received some more sequences for study and storyboarding… I wasn’t able to attend to it last night after coming from Pagsanjan because I fell asleep. Namahay kasi sa Pagsanjan!

Met Laguna Governor Jeorge Estregan, main actor of Asiong Salonga-remake; one of the few character actors I admire, Baron Geisler; Ketchup; Ping Medina; and saw other TV faces like Dennis Padilla, et al…had breakfast with Carlo, cameraman and been with other production staff members–Kuya Soc Jose, PM Arnel, PD Fritz, etc. And got contacts from Syrell, makeup artist.

Finally, I “met” the patron saint of the town Mama Mary of Guadalupe. [My friend Edel will be very happy to know that am sure.] Visited the church twice. I came to learn that the first Flores de Mayo was held in Pagsanjan. That was in 1898. I also saw again, after 20 years? some of the scenes from our first film, “Boatman.” To come to think of the new people I met, and what I have learned — going to Pagsanjan afterall, had been in a way, worthwhile!


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