Off to Pagsanjan

May 25, 2011

As Typhoon Chedeng prepares to land and ravage parts of the country—Eastern, Samar, Bicol, Aurora to Cagayan, I am preparing to join long-time colleague Tikoy [Aguiluz], Rey Ventura [one of our writers in Biyaheng Langit], and Yuka to go to Pagsanjan in Laguna where Tikoy’s shoot of Asiong S. remake started last week. Since I am waiting for the music composition of Ultimo Adiós, will spend time to help in his production. Shooting is sked tomorrow but we still have to brainstorm on scenes that are lacking in the submitted script which we all agreed should be there.

I talked to Aling Barang (Ms. Virginia R. Moreno) this morning to ask if Corito comes from Pagsanjan. I came to find out though that she had stopped managing her school there since 2008. Anyway, got some tip from Aling Barang that she wrote about the funeral of Asiong in one of her articles for PDI… Ought to help her in her bongga presentation come June 23 to be held at the Abelardo Theater when Myra Beltran stage her Itim Asu.


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