Tiga-Isla / The Islanders of Corregidor

May 23, 2011

From deep slumber, I was awakened when I received an unexpected call from Kristine Castro of Suncruises day before yesterday asking me whether I have plan to “sell” copies of my documentary in the island. Why not, I thought. For years, I have managed to stop the selling of the film [I do not know if there is under the table dealing though] by an Australian who started selling it without my knowledge, or at least, without the courtesy I expected of someone whom I believed to be a gentleman. My reason is valid having an attorney-friend studied the agreement which that supposed gentleman prepared, he being an attorney, and which I stupidly signed simply because of trust. Well!  That agreement turned out to be favoring him more than I do, and in fact, it was written in such a way that I would be on a losing end. It had no closure, and he can sell until eternity!!!  That is why my friend told me to talk him out about some revisions on what he had written. I have asked him to do the change. He has agreed in the beginning to do the change on our personal agreement but dilly-dallied later saying he was busy, probably thinking of what he would lose should he do it. Until I came to know that he resisted the clause on accounting for the sales which my attorney-friend included. He actually even detested the action of my friend. Then, so suddenly, and unexpectedly, when I visited the island with a Balikbayan relative, I saw his well-packaged “product” — my film — being sold at Corregidor Inn! My trust having been betrayed, I fumed with anger. I met with the Corregidor Inn authority and went to meet the manager in Manila to tell them the situation. Knowing that I worked on the docu for a year-and-a-half, she immediately phoned the Inn to stop selling the docu.

So, he turned ONLINE. My documentary started selling from his end in Australia for years now, and what do I get? Not a penny! That is how he proceeded with his business. Marketing somebody else’s work. He is selling it online for $25. Click below to see:


I am not a business-minded person, and I have never thought of my work as a commodity but he did, and he did it in such a way that gives the perception of a good and honest collaborator…emphasizing on the words “produced in co-operation with the Corregidor Historic Society. The article below do not mention the other collaborators nor my name. Click below to see


He banked I am sure on my status as a “poor” person who won’t have the means to run after him in Australia to sue him. Well! He is right. For one thing, I have many work to do that requires my attention. I let him yes! Until conscience, if ever he has one, or delicadeza tells him that he had been unjust. I let GOD do whatever he deserves. In God’s time, it will come. I know it.

He may be laughing for my inaction, for letting God to do His way. But being a positive person, I did not take everything negatively. For he should not forget that my film is a vehicle of my expression. When I was working on it, selling the output was never in my thought. I was just thinking of preserving our cultural heritage, of preserving our history which are not found on books. So, I am at an smiling end as well. For I have my consolation. For the people who bought from him thinking that he was the producer and those would who would watch my docu would know, especially the Americans that I detest War; for viewers would see how Corregidor was like, and how the family of Dr. Selma Calmes lived in Topside; the Philippine Scouts in Middleside, and our family in San Jose in Bottomside—simple yet happy. No monkey business despite the literal presence of monkeys!!!

I have learned my lessons too — for I continued to make my docus, but I have refrained and have been conscious of people’s interest in them. Because of that, I have found true, honest, and transparent partners.

I have been quiet for years but now yes, I will make an abridged version of that docu…and for the respect that was gained and lost by a big monkey in it, you will get what you deserve.

Thanks anyway for multiplying copies of my film which you are marketing as if they are yours. I will pray for you so that your conscience guides you on the true and right path. That money alone will not make you live happily ever after!!! That art is long, life is short. Mass duplication of my film will outlast us — you and me!

For the person this blog is meant for…happy reading! From deep slumber, I got awakened to yes!!! the idea of making a version with as I’ve said, sans monkeys. May your tribe decrease!


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