Editing Ultimo Adiós Finally!!!

May 14, 2011

Shooting Ultimo Adiós / My Last Farewell at Fort Santiago. L-R: Aldrin Gabriel (Deaf) as Rizal, Rem, Myra (Deaf Choreographer), Me, Dennis (Deaf Videographer) and Febe (FSL interpreter)

Day before yesterday [Thursday] I finally got the rest of the footages on the interpretation of Ultimo Adiós and Juventud Filipina (in Filipino Sign Language) that we shot last May 4 and 5. The waiting time seemed too long for me who is used to reviewing immediately after shooting my materials. Dennis gave me his footages last Monday, and between that day and Thursday, Ritwic and I were trying to find the best conversion into avi that can possibly be done. I could only but edit in my mind based on what I saw from Dennis’ footages. At last! I have them all. 90% of the edit list in my mind turned out the way I thought them to be before the shoot. In some cases,

Stanza 12 scene

better images served my purposes even better than I thought of. I went to Bonfire editing studio being run by Fiona Borres, a friend from Roadrunner days re the possibility of working with them at least to transfer and convert the materials to avi since I do not have a Mac computer, my future chroma needs and color correction features of their computers. I went there yesterday with my materials, unfortunately, no one was in the office except the caretaker. Fiona just left for Mindoro for voluntary medical mission work I was told! Hey! That’s great!

So as not to lose time, I have tried transferring the materials myself. And I found the faster solution of converting via Adobe Premiere, then transferring it to Pinnacle. It takes more time to render when done directly to Pinnacle, then fusing it afterwards. The format conversion by Adobe Premiere is good enough to serve my purpose. Today, I have edited four stanzas already. I should finish by Monday or Tuesday. I am sure I have something to give Roselle next week so she and her group can start with its music scoring.


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