Ultimo Adiós and La Juventud Filipina in FSL

May 6, 2011

Shooting of Stanza 11_Ultimo Adiós

Two tiring, hectic but fruitful days had passed. The shootings of Ultimo Adiós and La Juventud Filipina, interpreted in Filipino Sign Language are over. Deaf interpreters Aldrin Gabriel and Mark Gaspar both did a great job. Aldrin who was chosen to interpret My Last Farewell got some of Rizal’s features [thanks to Nelson Demetillo, our make-up artist]; besides, his quiet and calm appearance got somewhat the character of Rizal. His intense expressions in the process of interpretation were at times, hair-raising. I can imagine how it will be with music. Mark’s fresh-looking features though chinky- eyed and a mestizo was just right for the interpretation of La Juventud Filipina.

We had big problem with the changing weather during our first shooting day at Fort Santiago: rain poured, stopped, then poured again. We had to run for cover. I just think of the rain as blessings…afterall, there was no big rain pour really.. Our schedule got delayed in the process. Adding to that was the problem of communication. I wanted something but I signed the stanza number that I wanted wrongly. Stanzas 8 and 9 got interchanged. We had to redo it. Naku po!!! Then the sun shone, and grey clouds went away. The images were sharply in contrast. Poor thing! I can already see the problem of continuity in time. Where to find that software that balances the colors, I must find…

I wasn’t able to do what I really wanted, of the shots that I needed and imagined long before the shoot. Nevertheless, I know that I will come up with something good because of the characters who played Rizal and showed how beautiful Rizal’s poems are in Filipino Sign Language, and that Deaf Filipino poetry is possible. Credit goes to Raphy Domingo, our FSL Consultant and Myra Medrana, choreographer. Together, they polished and made sure that the right and proper signs were delivered; Vim Nadera who explained willfully and with patience the poems line-by-line, and Therese Bustos, who also helped in explaining to them the poems and to make the interpretation better. Above all, thanks to the rest of the production team. I really felt that great teamwork amongst all members of the group exist. We have more work to do…until all four versions finish in November.

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