Session with Therese

April 21, 2011

Funny but our session yesterday with Prof.  Therese Bustos, PhD was held in a fast food restaurant corner Vito Cruz. I knew that CSB, supposedly our session venue would be closed, nevertheless I decided not to postpone the meet because Therese earlier told me that her sked will be hectic next week. The purpose of the meet was to finalize the signs of the last four stanzas of Ultimo Adiós. Raphy was so much in a hurry then to leave because of an earlier commitment during our first session with Vim Nadera so their interpretation were not as “polished” as the first 10 stanzas. True enough, some signs had to be revised after the review. The same thing happened with Juventud Filipino—all except one had to be corrected. Awit ni Maria Clara had the same fate….but all for the best.

The place was noisy, so the advantage of knowing sign language worked well for Therese. She just had to look at Febe as she was interpreting for Vim and Raphy. We were not able to work on the last two poems— Flowers of Heidelberg and Sa Aking Kababata because there was no interpreter during our last meet with Vim. Homework na lang ang Therese. Good thing is that she will give us some of her precious time on Tuesday morning to work on interpreting the remaining poems for Raphy and Myra. Salamat!!!

We have set the shooting of Ultimo Adiós on May 4 and 5. FSL is so beautiful I feel so positive about how our film will look like. It takes a lot of “pain” before giving birth to Ultimo Adiós-FSL version. Ang haba ng proseso! Mahirap! But it’s all worth the effort. I am learning in the process which of course will help me further as I continue to work with Deaf persons. God led me to them, to FSL advocates and the like, turning me into an FSL advocate myself because I saw the need for it. Well!!! Having my project “Mga Natatanging Tula ni Rizal sa Wikang Senyas” accepted by NCCA is clear sign, the way I see it, that FSL is really being recognized as a language just like any other. DepEd should take heed I guess!!


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