Salubungin at Samahan ang Haring Marangal 2011

April 17, 2011

It’s Palm Sunday. This afternoon at 5pm, I went to the Shrine of the Mother of Perpetual Help in Baclaran to observe the Feast of the Palm Sunday [Manang already had our palaspas blessed in the morning]. Their slogan is: “Salubungin at Samahan ang Haring Marangal, Tungo sa Daang Pinakamadangal” well, I am honestly not so sure of the second line. I forgot to bring both my camera and my celfone to record it. The church was too crowded I didn’t dare enter it anymore. I have history of collapsing because of heat in crowded places. So, I decided to go behind the church. However, it was as crowded. People holding palaspas or decorated palm fronds [which has been replaced by the easily available fresh coconut leaves nicely designed in varied forms and sizes] lined up awaiting for their blessing by the priest. I luckily found an elevated ground, stood there and waited until the priest came over after the Mass to bless the palaspas. I found it amusing to see that when someone in front waved his palaspas, the people behind followed. Amidst sort of frenzy, I saw a girl collapsing in front of me. I saw myself in her person. Felt the odd feeling of getting dizzy, the heat that caused it, etc.

The priest finally came and said a few words about the feast. He started to bless and when it was for real, the sound of waved palaspas created breezy, and magnetic sound of leaves in friction alongside the energetic synergy of people bonded by faith in Jesus. The sight was awesome!! My mind for a while traveled back in time. I imagined Jesus on a donkey as people welcomed him with palm leaves on his triumphal entry into Jerusalem as mentioned in Mark 11:1-11, Matthew 21:1-11, Luke 19:28-44 and John 12:12-19.

Because of the big crowd however, going home was like inching out from a bottle’s neck—literally speaking.

To read more about the palaspas, click Palm Sunday’s Palaspas.


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