Picture-Picture and Catching the Moon

April 9, 2011

The Translation Process: Vim explains the poem line-by-line and per poem stanza; Febe interprets for Raphy; Raphy interprets after understanding the poem's message through contextualization, not literal translation of the poem; I record the proceedings and gives suggestions when asked and when I had to.

Yesterday, our second session with Vim Nadera for the project of interpreting Rizal’s poems in sign language was held at the UST Publishing House. Vim was rushing to meet his deadline for his upcoming book “Kayumanggi.” Only Raphy, Febe, I and Jojo came over. “A La Juventud Filipino” and “Awit ni Maria Clara” were explained and discussed with Raphy for his interpretation of the poems. We started at about 2.30 pm, finished and left at nearly 6 p.m. Magic hour pa. Nagpapicture-picture kami!!!

With Raphy and Febe

"Welcome, home!" - Bit of nostalgia unavoidable

(L-R) Vim Nadera, book designer, musician, MM, Raphy and Febe

Til I caught the moon up high. Nakasilip! Nakikita nyo?

Take Two!

(Hmmm! Maliit pa rin ang buwan… Next time na lang)



  1. hi po,do you still have the recordings or notes of the interpretation/explanation of the poem A La Juventud Filipino? It would really be a great help! πŸ™‚ thank you.

  2. Yes! But what for what purpose?

  3. its for my final project, i have to explain what the poem means. but i can’t find any sites about it, until i found yours :] my email is seeabby@yahoo.com πŸ™‚

  4. thanks in advance πŸ™‚

  5. When do you need it? Because I am busy editing a film these days and readying to shoot To the Flowers of Heidelberg. I have to look for the mini dv. Problem is I won’t be able to lend you the tape. You have to watch it and take notes. What course are you taking up?

  6. sadly, i need it on thursday. 😐 im taking bs biology. πŸ™‚

  7. Thursday next week? If yes, then you can come to the editing studio with a mini-DV cam [mine is out of order]. You may watch it there. I have a wma copy but my computer malfunctioned [not using my own now]. All my video files are there. I’ll try to find time to look for the tape. Don’t be sad…will get back to you.

  8. thursday this week 😦

  9. Sayang!!! Anyway, next time maybe when you are to do some other Rizal poem assignments? You seem to be a very diligent student! Good luck to you!

  10. haha. thanks anyways. sorry sa abala. πŸ™‚

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