Meeting with Vim Nadera

April 6, 2011

Si Vim -- malumanay magsalita, mabait, magalang at higit sa lahat -- napakagaling na tao!!!

My project’s Filipino Sign Language Consultant Raphy Domingo, Silent Steps Choreographer Myra Medrana, voice interpreter Febe Sevilla, UP Sped Education Professor Dr. Therese Bustos who has been helping me as interpreter from Audition 1, and I met with Vim Nadera, project’s poet-hearing consultant [reader as well]  at the UP Faculty Center. Vim slowly and clearly explained to Raphy and Myra [including us] — line by line — the message of Rizal after which Raphy signs his interpretation with Febe and Therese helping him to refine the whole stanza interpretation. My role?? To visually judge, and feel its impact on me as a hearing person, particularly on how he ends each stanza because I already have plans in my head re each one of them, and, also to record the “proceedings” for further study by the group to improve and better some signs to make it more poetic.

For better and full understanding of the passages, Vim also gave background notes on Rizal and his milieu. Vim’s explanations led to powerful interpretation by the Deaf of Rizal’s message because of the translation transformation from literal to poetic level–very well, what Rizal anyway intended, as a poet!

The afternoon from 1 pm – 4 pm was spent on understanding MY LAST FAREWELL / ULTIMO ADIOS. Next meet will be on Friday, from 1 pm for the rest of the poems.

I am very happy to have accomplished what I envisioned to be — at least — that proper understanding of the poems would lead, at best, to excellent interpretation of Rizal’s poem, not only in simple Deaf signs but in their expressions — facial and body — and one that comes from the heart.

Ang galing mo Vim! Saka ni Raphy at Myra!!! Saludo ako sa inyo!


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