Deaf Performers for Project Rizal to be Chosen

March 31, 2011

Tomorrow at 4 pm, footages of the Deaf who auditioned for my “Project Rizal” [project to translate in Filipino Sign Language some poems of Rizal] will be viewed by a panel consisting of Deaf and hearing advocates of the Deaf. The first audition was held at the Lutheran Church hall last Saturday while the second audition were held yesterday and today at the CSB School for the Deaf and Allied Studies (SDEAS). A deliberation will be held to choose the best FSL interpreters among them.

Raphy Domingo, Project's FSL Consultant Heads the Audition; Myra Medrana in front of the camera assists him

Dr. Therese Bustos of Philippine Deaf Resource Center and UP Sped Education Area interprets for me [standing beside her]

Romalito Mallari, lead actor of Dinig Sana Kita auditioned to interpret "Ultimo Adiós" (Last Farewell)

I studied FSL for a year but without practice I only remember and can only sign “survival words.” I remember Therese saying that it takes at least seven years of daily and continous signing to be able to sign like Deaf persons. Unfortunately, I have no regular contact with them. I expect around 2o people to audition in all. Five will be chosen to interpret / translate the following poems: Last Farewell, Flowers of Heidelberg, Song of Maria Clara, To the Filipino Youth and To MyFellow Children.

Aldrin Gabriel interprets a stanza from Ultimo Adios

I have started making a preliminary shot list for Ultimo Adiós being the longest poem among the lot, and the poem I find most interesting. I need to go to the actual location to finalize my shots.

The project by Miryad Visyon “kuno” is under a grant from the National Commission for Culture and the Arts.



  1. naeexcite naman ako dito! good luck Mirana!

  2. Thanks Reich!!! Will invite you when we show it. We hope to meet the June 2011 deadline [sesquicentennial anniversary of Dr. Jose Rizal] to finish and present — at least — the Filipino Sign Language version.

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