First Rizal Monument in the Philippines

March 30, 2011

Since I am having “Rizal fever” these days in preparation for the digital production of my NCCA project “Mga Natatanging Tula ni Rizal sa Wikang Senyas / Rizal’s Poems in Sign Language,” I am posting bigger [I previously used thumbnail photo] pictures of the first monument built in honor of Dr. Jose Rizal. It was unveiled on December 30, 1898 two years after the death of Rizal by mustketry. The photo will help situate its actual location. I snapped the photos while on a whirlwind visit to Daet, Camarines Norte last December 2010 when I joined [with DLS-CSB SDEAS group], the 1st Provincial Forum on Inclusive Education and Disability: Towards an Inclusive Society organized by Mr. Rex Bernardo of Mabini Colleges, as one of the resource persons. (3rd-araw-ng-may-kapansanan-sa-daet)

First Rizal Monument in the Philippines, Daet, Camarines Norte


  1. This is very new info for me. Author – respect!

  2. Dear Bernardo

    The Minister Of Education of Mexico City is part of the YGL class of 2011 too. He would like to send you a congratulations letter along with other materials concerning the forum. Do you have a post mail address where we can send it to?

    Best Regards,
    Arizbec Martinez
    Executive assistant of Ministry Education
    Of Mexico city
    Dr. Lavista 144 Acceso 1 Piso 1
    Col. Doctores C.P. 06720
    México D.F.
    Tel. 51342500 Ext. 1705
    E -Mail: amartinezr@finanzas.df.gob.mx

  3. Forwarded your message to Mr. Bernardo.

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