Should I Study Spanish?

March 14, 2011

The Stamp that I designed for IRM's books that were handed to me with letters IRM and YNA combined to form the design

“Rizal Ante Los Ojos de Sus Contemporaneos” was the first book that I picked up today to officially stamp a mark of our book’s ownership— though it has been in our library for ages. Wholly in Spanish, it was printed in 1961 in celebration of Rizal’s centennial year by the Comisión Nacional del Centenario de José Rizal. I tried to read its introduction, and lo! I surprised myself because I understood 60% of what’s written in there. I thought of the Spanish version that I would need for my project on Rizal, and then, suddenly!!! The thought of studying the Spanish language at Instituto de Cervantes in Manila. An urge within to check on the net what they are offering led me to search on the available courses and schedules… I was astonished to read that the regular course will start next week with the last day of enrollment sked in March 22. Is it coincidence?? Or, is it what I call God’s sign telling me to go ahead??? Though there is a Spanish version in my project, studying Spanish was out of my mind—well, until today. For, I am coming to think that, if I studied sign language to do the film for the Deaf, why not study Spanish since I am working on the establishment of my brother’s library-museum, preparing for the publishing of his writings with lots set during the Spanish period, and yes! have Spanish version in my project: Mga Natatanging Tula ni Rizal sa Wikang Senyas.

So, between today and March 22, I will have to decide — To enroll, or not to enroll… should I enroll in a course in Spanish? OR, should I enroll in a cooking course instead? LOL!!


  1. did you? i studied until level 4 at cervantes. if u dont use it regularly, you’ll forget.

  2. No!!! My sked is very hectic these days!!! Probably in July before shooting Rizal’s poems in Spanish version…Pre-production needs “full” attention and preparation para di pumalpak sa actual shoot… shooting with the Deaf needs more effort—double the usual effort that I spend when my subjects are hearing.

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