University of Assumption Screens ALYANA

March 12, 2011

At 10 a.m. today, Saturday, will be the special screening of Alyana—A Study of Autism in the Philippines* [110 mins version]. It is scheduled to be shown at the University Auditorium of the University of Assumption in San Fernando City, Pampanga. Ms. Joy Ofrecia, President of ASP San Fernando Chapter helped in facilitating the scheduled screening there. I have asked the University President if they can, along with Alyana also screen A Blind Architect, a 14 min docu on the introduction of Non Handicapping Environment in the Philippines, and why BP 344 is important in our country… Hmm!! Let’s see if they will show it too! How I wish they do. Sayang ang pagkakataon kasi!

* There are three versions of Alyana: a) 150 mins or 2 1/2 hours long for “hard-core” viewers, i.e. parents and families of PWA, sped teachers, doctors, OTs, speech therapists, and other allied medical personnel; b) 110 mins long is the copy that is usually shown at SM cinemas; and c) 97 mins long – the version subtitled for Deaf audience to answer their information accessibility needs, for groups with only limited time to spend, students from upper high school level and up,  and those people with “short attention span.”


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