The Price of Negligence

February 28, 2011

Oh yes! I think it was my negligence that landed me into the necessity of reconstructing The Man Behind MMC… PLUS computer viruses! I had to throw away a lot of DVDs and had to do the avi copy again to replace the copy that I have in the computer. The video image kept hanging on the same spot but not the sound; it continously ran. Although it was upsetting to redo what had been done before, it was a challenge to know what the problem really was. What aggravated the situation was I couldn’t find my back up copy. What I got are what I call the next-to-final-copy. Good thing is I have back-ups of avi, with the minor problem of not actually having the final approved copy. I still had to spend a lot of time to reproduce the material just the same. However, in between waitings [while rendering or burning DVDs], I read more books written by Quijano de Manila [Nick Joaquin] and Donna M. Roney’s “The Golden Nipa Hut: Success Stories from the Philippines” (1978).

Negligence for me in the above situation meant loss — of time primarily, effort, and materials. On the other hand, it was a solid test of my patience,  determination, and perseverance. Finding the cause of the problem provided great sense of relief; but finally solving the problem gave sense of success! In  trying to find all possible solutions to overcome the problem, and by not giving up to the stress, a triumphant feeling resulted when I passed the hurdles. Probably because I nearly surrendered at one point.

Anyway, when I find the time, I will catalogue my DVD materials. Definitely, I will keep a reconstructed copy, and a master of my own. I just wonder how long DVDs last!!! Is it really five years as I was told by a Japanese involved in digital work?


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  1. The Price Of Negligence…

    […]PLUS computer viruses. I had to throw a lot of DVDs and had to do the avi copy again[…]…

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