Cuneta Announces Preschool Children Registration

January 29, 2011

This morning, I heard sounds of beating drums and hush of people outside the house that called the attention of the members of our barangay [77] including myself. I saw some people distributing flyers and someone making an announcement through a megaphone. But it was unintelligible. So, I asked for a flyer copy, and I felt happy to read that it is about registering children from the age of 4 1/2 to 6 years old at Cuneta Elementary School.  “Magpatala Na, Ngayon Na” [Register Now!] is the flyer’s title.

I thought of the ordinance affecting children that I was earlier given a chance to read and study. This call I thought was a concrete way of showing concern for preschool children here in Pasay City. So!!! Pasay City,  categorized as a UNICEF Child-Friendly City is really something I really hope our politicians will always have the political will to keep.

By the way, the school is named after a Cuneta, who was definitely the father, if not, the forefather of Sharon Cuneta. Many people believe that it was named after Pablo Cuneta, the former city mayor, and Sharon’s father. It may be so…[ will research on it] but the street called Cuneta Avenue where Mayor Cuneta used to reside was actually named after Sharon’s, therefore, KC Concepcion’s lolo [will also check on the name], a gobernadorcillo during the Spanish period. Without doubt, Sharon, the Mega Star descended from Pasay’s original inhabitants. I was wrong to actually think that the road was named after her father! It was my brother, a historian who corrrected me. He grew up here, and died in this city.  He had a list of Pasay gobernadorcillos.

Cuneta Elementary School is located at 2965 Park Ave. Extension, Pasay City near the LRT Baclaran Station with Tel No. (02) 8312592 and email address: cespasay@yahoo.com. I wonder if there are PWDs in this school!!!



  1. Hello!

    I’m one of Pablo Cuneta’s great-grandchildren. I’d like to ask something about his grandfather, Enrique Cuneta. Kung posible po, makikita niyo po ba sa list ng gobernadorcillos ang name niya? Pasay’s website says Enrique was an alcalde (mayor). I’m currently building our family tree, and I’d like to verify this piece of information. If you could help (or could not, for that matter. The information you posted here on your blog helped regardless), thank you very much!

  2. I do not have the list my historian- brother had because our house burned down in 1998. He had materials about the history of Pasay. I remember a man named Cuneta listed as one of the gobernadorcillos during the Spanish period. Mang Pablo by the way was a kumpare of my father-they were friends from prewar years. Good luck to what you are doing…genealogical research is interesting and challenging!

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