Autism Walk 2011 Missed

January 17, 2011

For the first time, I missed to attend yesterday’s Autism Walk. I intended as always to be there with autism angels but fatigue during the previous day’s, or rather, previous week’s shoot at Metro Manila College caused my absence. I only realized that when I woke up near noon time. Shooting even for a short avp is physically [running after subjects and time] and mentally tiring for me [quick decision as to camera placements and locations, and sudden change of scheduled scenes], especially if I haven’t seen the location or there was no ocular inspections made before the shoot. The latter is always a must but lack of time prevented us from doing it. Nevertheless, we shot 98% of the scheduled scenes…maski na para kaming tipaklong sa paghabol sa sked. Anyway, all were visibly happy despite the tedious work.


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