Day One

January 12, 2011

It was my first day of shooting for Metro-Manila College yesterday…making an AVP for the school. Kind’a tiring as we had to shoot a lot of activities there. But it was for me funful. What struck and impressed me was the Robotics activity of high school kids—they did the programming themselves to make the “robots” move, run around and “fight” but only within the limits of a black circle. Heard they would be competing with kids from other schools…

I have yet to see the Criminology students at the firing range come Saturday…should be visually interesting…And because I saw how hand paraffin testing was being done, I learned something new. Reminded me of my brother when he was undergoing physical rehabilitation at San Juan de Dios Hospital after his stroke though, the difference being the fact that I don’t seem to remember any kaserola at the PT room while in the process. He!He!


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