Christmas Carolers

December 23, 2010

Can’t help saying and noting that children these days are utterly boring to hear because they come one after the other and sing only one song —  “Sa may bahay ang aming bati…” that nags my ears before their caroling sessions end. Well, I am talking about our place. I probably feel this way because I was once a caroler like them. That time we knew so many Christmas songs and even if we didn’t, we used to carry with us song hits copies. We sang, laughed and enjoyed. I also noticed that “team work” in some groups just does not exist. Members of one group after singing Sa may bahay all extended their hands to receive the money….After giving it to the leader, “Ako rin. Ako rin,” gitgitan bigla. It actually saddened me. The spirit of just enjoying caroling is gone from that group. However, there will be for sure some others who are still fully enjoying the act of just being together as a “gang”. Something that they will never forget when they grow up.


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