November 15, 2010

Without a camera, I am disabled! How to proceed with my docu on CP is now a BIG problem…Good thing that gathering and putting order to my brod’s book collection to setup his library-museum keeps me busy. I am into sort of library work—recording and segregating the variety of printed materials that were spared from the fire that burned half of our collection before dispatching them to MMC. Interestingly, some prewar books survived.

Anyway, we are meeting Iyra Buenrostro of UP School of Library and Information Studies this afternoon to take her to the location of the proposed special collections library… to give us tips and advice on what to do. And if, establishing it is like giving birth [that’s according to her], then, she will be playing the role of a comadrona… well, somehow.

Am by the way, toying on the idea of having a separate blogsite for my “library activities.” During the days long time gone by, my mother wanted me to take up library science which of course, I did not like. Despite the fact that I grew up with hundreds, no! actually thousands of books in our house, I just read “pictures.” More than reading, I just loved looking at drawings and photos. For a change, at least I pretty enjoy reading now. I found many interesting books that got “buried” at the bottom of unreachable shelves…for ex. “Give me water,” about what the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb victims suffered related in first person. Found it too touching; about Gabriel Fabella, called Father of Philippine Independence Day by historian Celedonio Ancheta, and lots of other readings…like A Question of Identity by Carmen G. Nakpil.


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