November 13, 2010

It’s Deaf Month!!! Come Monday, November 15, the 16th Deaf Festival will be held at DLS-CSB SDEAS. Unlike the Deaf Awareness Week (DAW) – a hearing organized Deaf event – SDEAS’ program and activities were all initiated by Deaf students. Here’s an invitation from friend Giselle Montero, Director Center for Partnership and Development:

The School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies *SDEAS) invites everyone to join and celebrate the *16th Deaf Festival* with us on November 15 – 20, 2010. With the theme, “*The Deaf Community: Moving Together Towards One Dream,”*this year’s festivities will begin with the celebration of the
Holy Mass on November 15, Monday (Chapel of the Resurrection, Taft Campus) at 9:00am to be followed by the Opening Program and Exhibit (Plaza Villarosa) at 10:30am.

Celebrate with us. You are all invited to come, watch and participate. We
are also looking for media partners and sponsors for the WFD Conference and the Deaf Bowling Championships. Click below for the schedules:



For additional information, please see attached schedule or contact 526-7441 loc. 239.

On the other hand, DAW, organized with the theme “Be a Part… Not Apart” was held a week earlier from November 7-13, in compliance with the Department of Education Memorandum No. 397.

“In celebrating Deaf Awareness Week this year, we not only pay tribute to countless individuals who, despite their hearing and other impairments, endeavor to have access to education to improve their lot. Let us support every effort to bring them into the mainstream, where they too have a rightful place, and help them to gain access to opportunities to become productive members of their community and country”. (DAW_Manila Bulletin editorial). By the way, the information on the MB editorial is wrong. Deaf Awareness Week is under Proclamation 829 (Click to see National Council on Disability Affair’s website:proclamation-829) NOT Presidential Proclamation No. 823 which is “Typhoon and Flood Awareness Week” (Typhoon and flood hazards awareness ). The editor must first check what his researchers provide…editorial pa mandin!


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