November 9, 2010

Today, I am being asked by my friend Reena Mohan to write my thoughts for the Wisdom Tree book of the Film and Television Institute of India where I studied film making. It’s FTII’s Jubilee Year in 2011.

Incidentally, it is UST’s 400th year next year — UST is where I studied Fine Arts.. FINE ARTS, yes!!! Unfortunately, I have forgotten to paint. I honestly feel sad about that…but that’s something I am not so fully sorry about. Painting is somehow related to filmmaking anyway. Before you paint, you must have an idea first. That idea takes form in the process of painting. Similarly before making a film, you must have an idea too. And when you start shooting the footages, it is akin to dabbing paints on the canvas…it slowly takes shape into how you envisioned the painting or the film to be. When you put the final touch of brush as when you sign your name on canvas, the final edit and touch giving the final shape to the film end the process. Art processes without question follow the same route — it starts from a germ of an idea, and ends with what used to be just a product of mere imagination: a painting, a film, a sculpture, a piece of music…

Janus also chatted to tell me I am wanted to help as part of Team Catalog for Cinemanila. I will try…am so busy with gathering, checking and recording of materials for the library-museum of my brother which I must deliver by next week… that’s my problem.


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