It’s Sad to Say Goodbye

November 2, 2010

It is 6:00 am. I have just stopped from segregating and recording my brother Gani’s Filipiniana book titles largely consisting of biographies— about Claro M. Recto, Ramon Magsaysay, Mrs. Luz Magsaysay, Camilo Osias, Carlos Romulo, Rizal, Mabini, Amang Rodriguez, Gomburza, EDSA, etc. etc…I have not given them any attention before, as there are some 2000 to 3000 books, or maybe much more here in the house but as I have to eventually part from them, I temporarily set aside some which I will be reading first before  sending to Novaliches.  Two sacks of book are ready to GO!!! And I am working on the third one. Mixed feelings in reality. I feel happy and sad— happy because I believe, they will be in a secure place; sad because they have long been a part of us. But I have decided to part with them anyway, so that others may use them in the future.

Another sad parting that I have to go through is parting from the Sony camera that made ALYANA and SILENT O. The Sony cam that I used is already corroding because of age. The problem is I used it to shoot my first interviews for my film on the Cerebral Palsied. And the footages shot using that camera only normally runs there. When I use other cams, I encounter problems as pixels or sort of venetian blind effects…worse is, it is eating up the tape, the reason why it is now in a repair shop. But with the repair charge of over P10K and a warranty of only one week is sure guarantee that it won’t last. A sad goodbye indeed to that cam that helped me produce my first advocacy films. It was my weapon. Don’t know what lies ahead now without that cam…

But of course, saddest of all is parting from friends because of misunderstanding, some faith differences, attitude indifference, because of trust betrayal, in extreme case, caused by trivial matters…or simply because Fate designed it to be so??

Well, anyway, come what may, as always, it is my belief that God is there to find the way for me out of any predicament.


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