Brain Gym for Sped Children

October 21, 2010

Better late than never. Just read about this today…

Parents of children with special needs never get tired of finding ways to improve their children’s condition. Since 1981, several countries all over the world have been using an exciting program to address learning challenges and improve performance. This is Brain Gym — a program that espouses movements to help children realize their potentials. It offers 26 quick and easy-to-learn fun movements, which with constant and regular use, can actually make children and even adults improve their performance in all areas of learning. Schools and individuals who have been using the Brain Gym movements attest to the program’s positive results. Brain Gym was first introduced in the Philippines in 2003 by Rizalina Ochoa, a former high school Science teacher at the International School of Manila. After her son was diagnosed with ADHD, she quit her job and founded a special school named Anima Christi Center that offers programs and regular curriculum with accommodations to give students a chance to unlock their potentials. “I realized that children who are capable, but handicapped by learning and attention weaknesses, are hardly accommodated and given proper intervention in most schools,” she shares. After she became a licensed Brain Gym consultant, she incorporated the program in her school’s curriculum and has been giving workshops to various professionals and organizations. She also conducts individual Brain Gym therapy for both children and adults. In year 2008, she was given by Brain Gym International the “Movement Teacher of the Year” award for her successful efforts in bringing Brain gym to the lives of many, and using the program in her advocacy for special children.

Source: Article.aspx?articleId=614402&publicationSubCategoryId=442
Brain Gym for children with special needs / (The Philippine Star) /  September 23, 2010


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