Be a part…Not Apart

October 21, 2010

“Be a part…not Apart” is this year’s theme of the 2010 National Observance of Deaf Awareness Week (DAW) to be held on November 7-13 as per DepEd Memorandum No. 397 (pls click to read the memo DM%20No.%20397%20s.%202010.pdf) . The 8-day interactive course for Sped Teachers as I can assume from the composition of the organizers was planned by those who view Deaf persons as disabled or those that refer to them as hearing-impaired. For those who views the Deaf not from the pathological viewpoint but sees them as a cultural-linguistic minority group, the seminar may probably not sit well with them. The same clashing issues on the use of sign language will be there. For teachers who don’t want to spend extra time to learn sign language, oralism would be for them a better option. Well! That’s my personal opinion. Anyhow, I respect their view.

I like the theme though… i personally find sign language BEAUTIFUL!!! And though I am a hearing person, I advocate for the use of Filipino Sign Language (FSL). I can attest to SO’s “power” to shake, question, and disturb Deaf’s own thinking about sign language, its use and importance to them… To use or not to use FSL?


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