Stop AUDISM! Stop Deaf Discrimination!

October 8, 2010

I sent the following letter addressed to Atty. RONALDO LEDESMA, OIC
of the Bureau of Immigrations’ Department of Justice Action Center:

I am at one with the rest of those who are condemning the discrimination made to Mr. Franklin Corpuz [Deaf] who was stopped by your Immigration Officer to fly via Qatar Airways. I know the man to be very kind, and a hardworking person. I stayed at Hotel Veniz in Baguio City where he is working, and I can attest to his skill as a very good chef. I also personally know his wife Racquel Corpuz, President of the Philippine Federation of the Deaf.

I understand that majority of the people in our society are not aware of Deaf plights, problems and their experiences, the reason why I made a film on Deaf Filipinos. If you want your employees at the Immigrations Office to know who Deaf Filipinos are, and what they can do, especially know that there is such thing as UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, I am offering to show you my 92-minute documentary, SILENT ODYSSEY [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFUeGiYyH6I] to educate you all about our Deaf brothers, and remind you that human rights, and linguistic human rights do exist and must be respected. The film will show next week in Camarines Sur and Naga City but since Bicol is very far, I can show it to you anywhere in Manila. But the best venue I guess would be at the Bureau of Immigrations Office itself so that you can require ALL your employees and ALL the Immigration Officers you assign at the airport to watch, and I repeat, be educated. It is my film’s objective to make the hearing society know that “DEAF CAN” and to know their BEING.

By the way, Mrs. Corpuz is in the film, under the segment on AUDISM [Deaf Discrimination]. I think you must include that in your vocabulary from now on. Let us STOP AUDISM!

BI Discriminates Against Deaf Passenger

Update on Franklin Corpuz

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  1. Good post, I always like them

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