“We are no burden to the family and society,” says cerebral palsy group head

September 20, 2010

I wasn’t able to update my blogsite because our family was shakened by the sudden death of my niece and inaanak, Bangbang [Eveleen Albao] who passed away last September 12 while giving birth to her 3rd child. She died of pulmonary embolism, whatever that means…I saw baby Gideon when he was barely 8 hours old, with eyes already wide-open at the nursery while we were waiting for Bang to be released from St. Luke’s Hospital… I saw him next during the funeral of his mother last Saturday, Sept. 18. I felt mixed emotions of joy, sadness and pity for the baby. But I thought that with him around, the weight of Bang’s absence in their house would be lesser  as I saw how happy, protective and loving are his brothers Christian and Kenneth to him. More so their father Dick who was unbelievably composed throughout from the death of Bang until she was buried, keeping the pain to himself I suppose to look strong before their sons, and accepting of their fate and the will of God.

Anyhow, better late than never. Cerebral Palsy Week is being celebrated this week until September 22. During the opening ceremony of the week-long celebrations, Charito Manglapus, current president of the Cerebral Palsied Association of the Philippines said:

“In spite of our disabilities we must help each other to erase the negative impression upon us that we are the burden of the family and the society”.

For more notes about the celebrations held at SM Skydome, North EDSA on the opening ceremony of 7th Cerebral Palsy Awareness and Protection Week, last Thursday, September 16, 2010, please click the link below:



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