PWD Indignation Rally

July 17, 2010

I saw Dang [Koe], former president of Autism Society and her son Gio in the news program “Bandila.” (watch?v=BwBRYH3G0YI&feature=player_embedded#!) The drugstore refused to honor the IDs she presented which was a clear violation of RA 9442 and BP 344. This has been the ordeal of pwds even though laws that would help protect our pwds and alleviate their needs [20% discount] were approved and enacted. As such, an indignation rally will be held on Monday, July 19. (See the sked below). The rally will be very significant and very timely as the NDPR Week is to be celebrated starting today, July 17 to 23.

PWD Indignation Rally

WHAT: PWD Indignation Rally Against Violators of RA 9442 and BP 344
WHEN: July 19, Monday, 7:30AM Assembly Time
WHO: ALL PWDs, families of PWDs and supporters are welcome to join

To read more on ASP’s participation and report re the matter, click


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  1. PWD Indignation Rally…

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