Lovingly, Peping

July 5, 2010

Currently reworking on the biopic of Papa Jose “Peping” Sison, father of Robert. It was made five years ago in 2005 but the dvd copy that I got was jumpy—both video and sound. It was so bad it would never pass my quality standard. I wonder why the transfer was that bad when the master copy was alright.. Was so bugged by it I stopped watching it altogether and asked Bert to recall all existing copies so I would know the real cause. The love story of Papa and Mommy Nita is so interesting and engrossing that in that state, distraction especially of sound — sinisinuk sinok pa—  would lessen one’s interest for sure. Oh well, that’s one digital problem we have to reckon with. A Japanese actually told me that you have to recopy before it reaches five years of age…

I am nearly finished with the revised, second edition but last minute problems always follow me. Now, it is conversion and software problem. I have to go to a production studio to continue the final cut. But knowing the fact that this seems to be the persistent pattern whenever I make a film [having last-minute problem that is], I just play it cool!!! Working with Tikoy [Aguiluz] then when we had to face so many problems each time we produce his film and before we could “deliver his baby” made me ready for any “disaster” if we may rightly call it that way. But then and now, after each difficult delivery is a mighty triumph.


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