CP Kids

June 16, 2010

CP here does not stand for Cellular Phone, Control(ler) Processor, Command Post, Chest Pain, Communist Party, Clinical Pharmacology / Pathology, Check Point, Cyberpunk, Chicken Pox, Cleft Palate, Prismatic Coefficient,  etc. It stands for Cerebral Palsy / Palsied in my context.

Anyway, “CP Kids” is my working title for my advocacy docu film on the CPs as it will also contain testimonial interviews with adult CPs. I am back on the film track finally! Well, this is while I wait for more materials for the biopic I am working on as well. Unfortunately, I had to stop for months on the CP film not only due to resources problem but also because of time constraints. I had to finish my obligation for the NCCA to publish my brother’s writings on FILIPINIANA Collection Building.

Right now, the structure is shaping and I am happy with it. I would most probably start with the footages I shot in Dumaguete City at GPRehab Center. There is a shot I like a lot that it never ceases to play and replay in my mind after reviewing the footages I shot, a year or two ago. I still have a lot to shoot though. Just emailed a pedia neuro for a possible interview with her re the CP kids cases since CPs brain developmental problem is greatly involved here.


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