Drawing “Itch”

May 31, 2010

Six-year old John Rey comes to the house almost everyday being the grandson of Manang, our helper. He likes to play with water. But it was only today that I saw him quietly sitting and seemingly looking far out beyond. So suddenly, the drawing itch hit me. I felt the urge to sketch and so I asked if I could draw him. He smiled and nodded. I quickly got a piece of paper and a pencil. I used to draw quite adeptly but when I delved into filmmaking I stopped drawing. Without practice for decades, my fingers totally “disabled” me from being a fairly good artist that I once be. Well, that was how I gauged  myself then…

My lines were not sure I felt quite an amateur. But I was happy to do something else while resting from some editing work that I am currently doing. And though I am feeling somewhat embarrassed with how I drew, I shall have the guts to show you still my output this afternoon. I hope the drawing itch comes more often. Because no matter how my sketch looks like, there is still that sense of joy for having done the art work.



  1. hi mirana,

    its nice! may your drawing itch be more frequent so you can sketch some more. all the best!


  2. Thanks! Saang planeta ka na ba nagpunta???

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