“The Man Behind Metro-Manila College”

April 28, 2010

Novaliches Academy in the 50s

I am currently halfway through in the making of a biopic about “the man behind Metro-Manila College,” Dr. Mamerto S. Miranda, Ka Mentong as he was fondly called. He was the founder and first president of Novaliches Academy [NA] which later became the present Metro-Manila College [MMC]. Historically speaking, NA was the first high school, and MMC, the first college in Novaliches. They were thus, the first community high school/college of Novaliches in Quezon City. [To see 2011 photos of Metro-Manila College, click avp-shooting-can-be-fun; To go to MMC website, click index.html]

Shooting MMC 2011 AVP

Metro-Manila College_LMM Bldg_2010

The film was suppose to focus on Ka Mentong  alone—as a pioneer in the field of education in Novaliches, as a man and soldier, and as a loving but disciplinary father. But with the death of his wife, Dr. Ligaya Medina Miranda, second vice-president of MMC, [my eldest sister actually], the film eventually has had the twist of becoming about “the man and women behind MMC. The women included not only my sister but their daughters as well. It has shaped and formed to become a film about the Mirandas of Novaliches, the thread being my sister as we have been fortunate enough to get her to relate about their story including their courtship days, how our strict father reacted when they eloped, their dream [a Metro Manila University] and wishes. Being in a way a part of the family, and knowing them all, it has inevitably a tinge of being kind of personal as well to me.

DVD Cover of their life in film with MSM & LMM during their 50th Wedding Anniversary

It was in 2005 when I started shooting for the film. I was commissioned to make two films for MMC but I only finished the short avp in time for the 60th celebration of the school two years ago. Since there was no pressure from the Miranda family for me to finish the film, and while waiting for four of their children to come and interview them while on vacation, I got busy with other film works. I finally managed to interview them all, except Junior whom I met after so many years during the wake of my sister in 2008. Unfortunately, he did not want to be interviewed.

My sister passed away without seeing their story in film. Anyhow, their children and grandchildren would I am sure cherish the days when they were around, and would definitely be immortalized for as long as the film I am doing for them would exist.

The structure is done, the sound bed more or less in place. I am left with a few more search and research for existing pictures, video, or documents if needs be. Timeline is from prewar days [1940s] to 2008 [my sister’s death] covering nearly 70 years of their lives.

By the way, “The Man Behind Metro Manila College” is the title of the book my sister wrote about Ka Mentong and their school.


Incidentally, last week August 12 or four months after I posted the above, my nieces (Erlin, Nory, Even and Oying) finally decided that the film’s title would also be “The Man Behind Metro Manila College.” Good enough! My sister in the midst of the film brags about it, and how appreciative and grateful she was to her husband, Ka Mentong for encouraging her to pursue her studies towards doctoral level. I am to present the film on her birthday come August 27 with the final title in, as well as the complete acknowledgment end credits.


I finally managed to show the final copy last September 30 coinciding with the birthday of Ka Mentong, not August 27, birthday of my sister. [ I am writing this note today Oct. 20, incidentally, birthday of Even who is now in Canada].


For copies of MMC logos, click avp-shooting-can-be-fun


  1. i am a high school graduate of then novaliches academy in 1975. since then i have moved to other places. i would like to know if there is any forthcoming alumni homecoming. would appreciate your reply.

  2. I have forwarded your concern to MMC authorities. Will ask about it when I meet them next week.

  3. i graduated in 1972 in novaliches academy and iyay miranda was my classmate. my 4 sisters also graduated from NA. pls inform me of any alumni homecoming

  4. Iyay is my niece. She lives in Chicago. I will tell her about you, and your alumni dept. as well so that they can inform you should there be any homecoming being organized by, and/or for your batch.

  5. I am very very thankful to Ka Mentong for we also become a beneficiary of such a Spirit-inspired educational valuing. Through Ate Nory, the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament has been offered slot/s for scholarship of deserving students, through our recommendation; and to wit, we have such graduates like, Zandro Sto. Domingo, Elsa Falcatan, Jomar Gabito, to name a few. We are truly grateful to the family and perpetrators of Education in our land. KUDOS MMC!

  6. I will relay your message to Nory…Am planning to visit them soon! Am sure they will be happy to hear your message.

  7. where can we get a copy of these?MMC alumni homecoming this dec hope to hear from you soon….here’s our facebook page,,,,,,,,,,,http://www.facebook.com/groups/242094880417/

  8. From the Miranda family…Ask for permission from them as the film treatment was originally intended for the family members only. There is however, a short AVP about MMC which was made for MMC students and the general public as well, I think that would be easier for you to borrow.

  9. I wonder why they don’t want to share this historical film to the public, especially the students. This will help them understand and value the harships people in the past had done in order to establish a selfless institution that aims to provide quality education to students regardless of their socioeconomic status. I graduated in this school in 2013 through their 100% free tuition fee scholarship and I am forever thankful.

  10. The film is too personal… A family film you may say. It even included the funeral of my sister (Ligaya Miranda). However, just last month, for the launching of Gawad Metronian Educational Foundation Inc. (GMEFI), I made one focusing on the historical importance of the school, the role of its founders and the continuance of their legacy — through GMEFI—-in helping, especially indigent students and, hopefully soon, even persons with disabilities who are deserving. If you were one of the scholars then, maybe you can help us out in our effort to carry on with as you say, “providing quality education to students regardless of their socioeconomic status.” Pls.visit gawadmetronian.org to know more about the foundation and our current activities. You are most welcome to help us spread the word about GMEFI. Thank you!

  11. Good day po, We are going to have our 40th Grand Reunion MMC High School Batch 1980 in the coming months of this year 2019.

    Inquiry po sana as to where can I contact you like your email. The reason is if somehow you have old pictures of Novaliches Academy as well as the building in Bayan Proper dated 1970s up to 1980s may I have some copies too ?

    Your reply is highly appreciated. TIA.

  12. You contact MMC directly, Tel No.4180084 and 9391162. Yes! There are pictures of NA and the building at Bayan Proper. Ask the receptionist to connect you to the Librarian. I used some in my documentary about MMC. Tell the librarian that I referred you to her. My name is Mirana (yna) Medina. If not, ask directly the VP for Admin, Dr. Evelyne Dominguez. She will be able to help you.

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