Docurama on the Rise

March 7, 2010

I stumbled upon an interesting article on the rise of the number of documentaries in the video markets. [Please read “Docurama on the Rise” by clicking 332].

I am hopeful…that docus would in the future be really be seen as theatrically viable. Depending on the content of course, the probability is high and the possibility is there that creative content in docu form could lead to a change in the way people look up to it.  Hopefully, without named or known artists, content alone could make it possible, as in the case of “An Inconvenient Truth” [but of course Al Gore is a known personality, though not necessarily an artist]. Hmmm! In such case, I am coming to think of the formula of having a known personality, or an artist to be in a docu!!! Well, am just toying about that possibility. But of course, it will be a waste of time on my part to run after any because I am nowhere near anyone of them even though I started working as a film editor and have met some good ones.

Marketing has a lot to do to make a change on way people look up to docus, The change of people’s mind, taste and attitude is greatly helped shaped by the media as a potent medium of change in our society at present.

As Steve Savage, co-principal of New Video, a New York-based entertainment marketing and sales company said: “We hoped this would be the time when documentary filmmaking would become commercial, when filmmakers could make money distributing on DVD and video…”

As an independent docu filmmaker, the need is real for marketing and distribution of whatever film I take time to produce—an objective take on what is currently a practice in the country. It is a reality here that docus are not given much attention except as a TV segment or a feature. Theatrically, it is commercially non-viable because of lack of star value. Unable to distribute, or air, for what use is my output if there is no one to share my ideas with? It is real hard work to reach out directly to beneficiaries. But successfully getting to the right and direct audience is quite fulfilling though. “Sariling sikap!” It will never fail us. Properly done, it is one of the most concrete means of possibly getting a little dough to be able to start another film because of the difficulty of finding grants or financiers to make something on a subject with limited audience such as what I have decided to focus on–sped subjects. Anyhow, finishing one without a producer, though a struggle, is a real challenge to me, and so many others like me. It is to our advantage however, since we can not be dictated on what we want to do.


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