The Yellow Shawl (1944)_Version 5

March 5, 2010

Last night, I have finished with the picture editing of The Yellow Shawl, Part 3 [in color and B&W]. Fifth version  ends with the image of the girl’s father with an expression that is full of anguish and pain… Used in the play last January in the UP Chamber Theatre presentation was version 4. The film ended with the girl’s close up as her hands tightly covered her ears so as not to hear her screaming mother who is being raped by a Japanese soldier [PAST]. At the same time, the hysterical sound of the screaming girl in the chamber theatre play could also be heard [PRESENT]. When both screams died down, the show ended. [FADE OUT]

[FADE IN] I have yet to find the right music for the 5th version though………..

(By the way, the 5th version is just for my personal use and satisfaction. Not until I have tried manipulating the ending would I be able to find peace in my heart. I just had to accomplish that because my mind would not stop grinding…to imagine the possibilities of a new ending for the same scene. Now, I am appeased).


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