January 16, 2010

Autism Society Philippines celebrates Autism Consciousness Week, a mandate by former Philippine President Fidel V. Ramos, Presidential Proclamation no. 711 that aims to promote awareness on autism and the provision of appropriate social services to persons with autism…As early as January 10, ASP Chapter Cebu started the ACW celebrations.

The Annual Autism Walk in Manila will be held on January 24, Sunday at SM MOA in Pasay City. Registration starts at 6 am.

This afternoon, I got a poster and the list of nationwide activities of ASP from the Main Office. I brought it to a Deaf meeting then on-going. [I am by the way, a member of these two PWD sectors]. The discussion was about SEC requirements when I left them for a while to go to ASP office. A meeting on Deaf Team Building was then being held at Liw Caldito’s place, and was being facilitated by a friend, Noemi Pamintuan-Jara to leaders of different Deaf organizations. I asked one of the officers to show what I brought to the attendees, and to explain how ASP promotes Autism Awareness by holding it nationwide. I then asked them to attend the Autism Walk on Jan 24 for them to witness, experience for themselves the “power” of the people working for the same cause. It is our hope that seeing the success of a cohesive group will empower them as well to work for their own sector. There is that hope to get them awed by the participation of many people in the society. The need for community awareness of their plight is just as acute. Many Deaf are willing to join the walk so on Monday, I will register as participant, the conglomeration of Deaf orgs now known as Deaf Pinoy Kaleidoscope.

For the schedule of Autism Society Philippines schedule of activities, click below:



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