Film Show Respite_Ma. Cristina Falls

January 5, 2010

Last year, within the  three-day marathon showings of my film on autism Alyana, [See “ALYANA in Iligan City, Lanao” on the right column] we visited the nationally known “majestic” Ma. Cristina Falls in Mindanao. In what I now assume to be a part of the hydroelectric powerplant is a “viewing deck” where visitors could see the huge falls. Beside it is a room, where old photos in the 50’s are exhibited including a photo of Ma. Cristina Falls before power was harnessed from it. Always attracted by historic pictures, I reproduced some of them so that others may view them too…for it is a fact that not all may have the chance to visit one of the most popular tourist spots in the Philippines. Since I recently found the photos that I shot, I thought of posting them for those who might want to see the old Ma. Cristina Falls. (Please find under the heading “Film Show Respite” said photos with the title “Ma. Cristina Falls Decades Ago”)

Watching it was an opportunity I never let go. Although I failed to see the Tinago Falls, dahil nagtago ang mga kasama ko at iniwan ako sa showing ko [Joke lang!!!], seeing Ma. Cristina Falls was a dream come true. Dahil sa lakas ng bagsak ng tubig galing sa Falls, nag enjoy ako sa tilamsik ng tubig na tila ambong tumama sa aming mukha. It was a literally refreshing experience. Don’t fail to visit it. And grab the chance to experience being awed by it. To know more about Ma. Cristina Falls, click below to read the materials from Wikipedia:


Below is the official website of Iligan, a place really worth visiting:


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